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ISO9001According to Titan Policy Sharrcem has started implementing International and European Certified Management Systems. Sharrcem‘s quality department is very strict in reference with the requirements of the standards for the chemical and mechanical analysis of the cements and mortars, so as to assure its customers high quality, essential for these critical products for the construction industry.

Following these Management commitments Sharrcem has been certified with the European Norms ISO 9001-2008 quality management system in all of its processes, with special focus on its laboratory, which in 2012 has been equipped with the most advanced instruments for chemical and mechanical analysis, which guarantees our customers quality products. The laboratory is accredited for testing cements in accordance with ISO/ IEC 17025 by the Kosovo Accreditation Directorate.

Since 2011, Sharrcem has accomplished certification for ISO 9001 related to quality of products and services, while it intensively prepares for ISO 14001 related to Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 related to Health and Safety Management Systems. Both are already established and certification is expected to be accomplished by the end of 2013.

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Product Quality

Sharrcem has a documented internal process for treatment of claims on product quality. The procedure extends investigations to production- time – tracking and requires documentation by production daily reports involving the sales, quality and production departments. Claims are treated then by product and eventually by service provided. There have been no non-compliance incidents in 2012.