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People Development

Development Planning Guide

In the context of our People Development efforts, we have created the Development Planning Guide. This Guide defines the necessary training to respond to each employee’s development needs, based on the Performance Criteria, as identified in the performance appraisal dialogue.

In order to provide complete information, the Guide gives all the necessary details for each seminar: its objective; its target employees to whom it should be addressed; its main subject matters; time and duration; training method used; particular skills to be developed. It also clarifies whether there is a prerequisite course for the seminar’s participant to have attended beforehand.

The Guide includes three broad skills clusters: Personal Skills, People Management Skills, and Professional Knowledge Skills. Those are supported by 39 in-company seminars, adapted to TITAN’s needs, as well as to the particular needs of each employee.

The effectiveness of the Guide depends on the constructive and candid dialogue between the parties involved.