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Human Resources

“Our workforce is our most valued resource.Respect for their human rights, providing safe, open, non-discriminatory, diverse and good working conditions and an emphasis on employee relations, is a priority for TITAN Group to attain its objectives.”

(TITAN Group Code of Conduct)

Employment and Procurement policies of Sharrcem are focused primarily on people and businesses from the Local Community. Collaboration lies at the heart of our employee strategy, which focuses on six areas:

Working together:

Embedding a collaborative, non-discriminative working culture. No discrimination incidents have been registered.

A safe and healthy work environment:

Focusing on our people’s safety and promoting their physical and mental well-being.

An open and diverse culture:

Engaging our employees and promoting inclusion and diversity.

Employee opportunities:

Realizing the full potential of our employees through development and training opportunities.

Rewarding our people:

Rewarding employees through competitive, performance-based compensation and benefits. Sharrcem is committed to comply with the U.N. Global Compact Principles.

Hiring policy:

The HR procedures provide preference for local hirings as a response to the community’s unemployment problem.