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Environment and Climate Change

environmental-sustainability-handThe process of cement production affects the environment. Sharrcem operations are heavily dependent on the use of natural resources. We are aware of our impact on nature and that is the reason why environmental care is one of our first priorities in all aspects of our conduct.

Dust, noise, safety risks, landscape alternation by using raw materials, air emissions, energy and water consumption are issues related to our day-to-day performance. For this reason, we are committed to actions that reduce our operational impact on the environment.

Monitoring, measuring, reporting, cooperating, continuously acting and improving is how we address environmental issues. Through our CSR approaches, we aim to address these main environmental issues:
• Climate change
• Energy and raw materials
• Air and other emissions
• Biodiversity
• Water

Sharrcem complies with all local and national regulations on environmental protection.

ISO 14001

Sharrcem continuously strives to address the defined environmental challenges. In this area, we are fully implementing TITAN policies which guarantee sound and transparent environmental management according to international best practices. In addition, in June 2012, we started to establish and develop the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001 which was implemented and certified by the end of 2013. CERTIFICATE_ISO_14001


On 14 September, Sharrcem has submitted an Application for the Integrated Pollution Protection Control (IPPC) permit to the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. The application, in addition to environmental impact planning for regular operations, covers the prerequisites of co-processing of AF (alternative fuels) which forms today an integral part of cement industry standards as it offers a win-win solution by both reducing the emissions footprint and the disposal of waste volumes.

Striving towards environmental friendly operations is a part the Titan Group Corporate Values and at the same time an obligation arising from the local and EU legislation for a sustainable environment. Sharrcem will have a formal and transparent approach to an operationally integrated management of the environmental impact together with an annually reviewed plan of continuous improvement. For this propose, the company has already established close and regular cooperation with the MESP.

CO2 Management System

The company, according to Group policies, has implemented a full CO2 measurements and management system which is annually audited by a third party independent and certified auditor (for 2012 KPMG).