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Press Release- Sharrcem and Al Trade support the Emergency Clinic with medical equipment

Prishtina, April 24th, 2014 – The Emergency Clinic that functions as part of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo received medical equipment for monitoring, observing and diagnosing the ill and injured in life threatening conditions. The value of these equipment, which were donated by the cement producing factory Sharrcem and the company Al-Trade reaches the amount of 35 thousand euro. This donation was also supported from the Kosova Chamber of Commerce.
The contributing companies, in corporation with University Clinical Center of Kosovo, and the management of the Emergency Clinic have identified the equipment that this clinical center benefits most from, which as well ensure the wellbeing of citizens. These equipment will be used for monitoring of vital parameters and diagnosis of different diseases of the patient, as well as they will support respiratory diseases.
The managing director of the Emergency Clinic, Basri Lenijani, expressed his gratitude for such a donation. “These equipment are a great help for the Emergency Clinic since this clinic is the most frequented within the UCCK. The Emergency Clinic operates only from the donation it receives, therefore, any investment and equipment donated makes a positive change and improves the wellbeing of the patients. We hope that this initiative undertaken by Sharrcem an Al-Trade will be followed by other businesses as well.”
On the other hand, the Secretary of the Kosova Chamber of Commerce, Berat Rukiqi, stated that the Kosova Chamber of Commerce will always support donations that come from the goodwill of the businesses operating in Kosovo. “I congratulate Sharrcem and Al-Trade for this donation. Today, a big help was given to the Emergency Clinic, which is one of the most frequented clinics in Kosovo. We, as representatives of businesses, encourage other businesses to have such conduct towards the community.”
Representatives of Sharrcem and Al-Trade highlighted that through the donation of these equipment, they aim to improve the quality of emergency service and to ensure a quicker diagnosis of the ill and injured.
Once more, it has been emphasized that these two companies are committed to contribute in the community where they operate and that they care for the wellbeing of citizens in their community. They are also among the first companies to contribute to the department of Emergence, considering the fact that this clinic is the most frequented by patients who need emergency care.

Download: Press Release- Sharrcem and Al Trade