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Sharrcem was founded in 1936 consisting of one vertical kiln with a production capacity of 4,415 tons per year. Sharrcem was acquired by TITAN Group in 2010, following Kosovo’s privatization process. It is the only cement plant in the country, located on the border with Macedonia. In 2010, Sharrcem became a member of TITAN Group and remains the leading supplier of cement in Kosovo.

One year after being acquired by TITAN Group, Sharrcem has significantly upgraded its technology and techniques for the production of raw materials and cement and initiated the application of high standards, integrated at all operating levels.

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    • Sharr Cement Plant was founded in 1936 consisting from one vertical kiln with a production capacity of 4,415 tons per year.
    • Sharrcem was upgraded with a rotary kiln with a clinker production capacity of 180,000 ton/year.
    • The largest investment was made in 1980 with a rotary kiln with a clinker production capacity of 525,000 ton/year.
    • Sharrcem was included in the state privatization schedule at which time Holcim, a Swiss based Cement Production Company, entered into a 10-year leasing contract to operate the plant.
    • Titan Group acquired Sharrcem and launched an ambitious modernization program to meet the highest international standards in quality, technology and environmental protection.
    • Sharrcem took a leading role in the foundation of the Kosovo CSR Network and committed to engage with key stakeholders, while the modernization investment was in full swing.
    • Sharrcem completed the first phase of the technological upgrade and improved its efficiency and environmental footprint. The plant received its first certification for quality (ISO 9001) and implemented a CO2 Management System.
    • Sharrcem was additionally certified with the ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System and the OHSAS ISO 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Beyond certifications, Sharrcem received important awards for our CSR initiatives in 2013. The company implemented web-portal disclosure of emissions to public, as well as local, accident and CSR reporting. In technology terms, the Upgrade of Process Automation and full introduction of EAMS-Enterprise Asset Management System were completed. First CSR Report publication and CSR Audit by a certified third party organization.
    • Sharrcem received the IPPC permit – the first one to be issued in the country. Further to this, Sharrcem launched the World Business Council / CSI project for incorporating its guidelines on Contractors and Traffic Safety. In the same field of Safety, the company has organized the first NEBOSH in Kosovo. Completed a ground-breaking design for the full automation of the clinker hall cranes operation, an innovative solution that eliminates both hazardous working positions and fugitive dust. Conducted numerous Stakeholder Engagements for its ambitious investment programme aiming to produce fuel locally. Completed the financing of the first operating year of the LAB. Additionally it supported the Foundation with administrative and financial resources.